"Acurasee is so much fun! We play a lot of different games and do a lot of different drills now that we have it. I love trying to beat my best score - it makes me want to practice." - Alison D. 10yrs old - player

"This training target is awesome. It really makes me focus on hitting the ball where I need it to go. Immediately knowing if I hit my target spot on the court is very helpful during practices. Not only that, but it's fun too." - Sam S. 15yrs old - player

"Acurasee is one of the best training investments I have made for improving my kids tennis game. No more stacked tennis balls and orange cones that are impossible to hit. With Acurasee they know how close they get to their aim point on the court! The game-like sounds and light feedback the system provides allows them to make on the spot adjustments to their strokes. The kids love it and I can see a big difference in depth of their shot-making." - John T. - parent of 3 junior players

"As a tennis instructor and high school tennis coach, I use Acurasee almost every day. The adults I teach love it as much as the kids! Acurasee really allows the player to zone in on the location on the court that they are aiming for and is one of kind in providing directional hitting feedback. It's great because I can use it all over the court for different types of shots and aim points. A big bonus for me is that when I am feeding the balls, I can concentrate on the players' form and stroke instead of watching where the ball lands to tell them if it was an accurate shot - it does that for me!" - Steve H. - Tennis Instructor/Coach"

"My Pro told me my serve was keeping me from reaching the next level of game. I'll never be able to get it by my opponents so placement is what we decided to work on. We placed Acurasee in the service box in order to give me aim points down the middle and out wide. After just three sessions with Acurasee's instant feedback on my serve placement, I saw measurable improvement in the effectiveness of my serve. My league ladies have too!" - Janice B. - 3.0 league player

"My parents got me Acurasee for my birthday. I try to use it everyday. The only problem I have is trying to get it away from my brother and his friends. Game On!" - Jamine W. 12yrs old - player